About Gearóid

Gearoid Fitzgibbon Head Shot 52kb croppedGearóid (@Gearóid4Green) works as a community organiser with North Tipperary LEADER.

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Originally from the parish of Effin in Co. Limerick, Gearóid has been involved with a number of community initiatives focused on the green economy. Initiator of Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative, a community-owned company which secured over €4 million in investment into Tipperary since 2012. Through this work, Gearóid has come to see the potential of energy and energy efficiency as a driver of local economic development. www.energycommunities.wordpress.com
Gearóid is also co-founder of the Tipperary Green Business Network. (@tpgbn )

In 2009 he spent a period as a human rights accompanier in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, with http://www.eappi.org which included supporting the solidarity work of Israeli and Palestinian engineers installing renewable energy in rural communities in the south West Bank. This is a link to a blog kept by Gearóid at this time: Gearóid in Israel/Palestine

Gearóid is chairperson of Changing Ireland, the national magazine of community development in Ireland.

Gearóid holds a masters from UCC in Social Sciences.

To find out more about Gearóid you can see his LinkedIn profile on: http://www.linkedin.com/in/gfitzgibbon