Principled Campaign Doubles Green Vote in Tipperary

On behalf of Tipperary Greens and myself, I want to thank the 1341 citizens of Tipperary who chose to put a No.1 on the ballot paper beside myself and the Greens, and the 10000 plus voters who gave a No.2 or high preference.

You have doubled our vote as a percentage of votes cast from 0.8% to 1.7%

It was a good showing with a short run in and a small but dedicated team. We got to talk about the potential of localising energy to transform our local economy. We also got to challenge the other candidates on how politics is done in Ireland.

Some of the campaign team at the count centre in ThurlesI want to thank everyone who helped out or assisted in any way. The enthusiasm and belief of our campaign team inspiring. 75 people donated €3700 in just over a month – these were friends, family, colleagues and others who I did not know before. Their support allowed us to get into the arena and compete.

We ran a strong and principled campaign. I would like to see us go on from here and build a network of rural green supporters and activists.

Still a long way off - but in the arena

I ask anyone who gave a vote or a preference to consider getting involved. Let’s ensure that the unique green perspective is given to community issues in Tipperary – whether on planning, the economy, the environment or issues of social justice.

Get in touch on text 083-8109522 or

Nationally with 2 Green TD’s now in the Dáil (Eamon Ryan and Catherine Martin) and at 2.72% of the national vote, the Greens return to being a nationally funded party.


TDs Pay and Expenses: 9 times the average Irish wage!

Calling it like it is will be a key part of our campaign.

Far too many of Irish politicians are focused on trying to convince people that they are actually doing something for them. Some are worse than others. Our PR STV system reflects very well the popular choice but leads to national elections which are fought over local issues instead of where the country should be going. The crash show us the consequences of this taking the eye off the ball.
While the financial crisis was going on, TDs and ministers were spending huge amounts of time and taxpayers money sending letters to people for issues that are not the business of national politicians.

We’ll be campaigning in Tipp to abolish constituency offices (vote getting machines for politicians), and investing in the Citizens Information Service instead. We should also cut TDs pay and the over generous pensions. If elected I will give 35 percent of my salary to the Tipperary Citizens Information Service.
Long term though, to get national elections fought on party policies, we’d need a partial list system like that advocated by David Farrell – The Irish Political System, Head of School of Politics and International Relations, UCD, at a 2012 event in Tipperary.

The last government was elected with huge mandate for political reform, but unfortunately did not deliver. The recommendations of the Constitutional Convention have been largely ignored, apart from the marriage referendum, and some late tweaking to Dáil procedures. The referendum to abolish the Seanad without any Plan B was not any kind of reform – and rightly rejected by the Irish people.

Codding people into thinking that you are doing them favours is not a proper political system. Read more on my proposals here.

Green Meet up Thurles, Sunday 2-3.30pm

creating a green voice in Tipperary

Tipperary Greens are holding a discussion/campaign organising meeting in Cabragh Wetlands environmental education centre near Thurles this Sunday 13th December 2-3.30pm.

The objective of the meeting is to have a discussion with the selected candidate Gearóid Fitzgibbon on the campaign goals, so that it inspires those involved/potentially involved! Refreshments will be provided. For more information email or call 085-7409023. You can follow our 2016 General Election Candidate on @Gearoid4Green All are Welcome.

Cabragh Wetlands is located on the Cabragh Road between Thurles & HolyCross – past the old sugar factory. More information on their website