Eamon Ryan in Tipperary Town for Fitzgibbon Campaign Launch

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan, will officially launch the Tipperary Green
Party candidate, Gearóid Fitzgibbon’s election campaign on Thursday 11th February in the Excel Theatre, Tipperary Town at 7.30pm. Join the facebook event by clicking here !

Gearóid is asking that people to come along for an engaging evening on how green policies can improve the rural economy and society.

Earlier in the day there is a coffee morning at 10.30am at Country Choice in Nenagh, where there will be an opportunity to meet Gearóid and discuss the policies he is putting forward. More info available on the facebook page www.facebook.com/TipperaryGreens

Wednesday saw Gearóid on Tipp Mid West talking about tackling political cronyism and talking to students in LIT Thurles.

speaking at LIT
With Michael and Lucy of Voicebox at LIT
Unloading timber at Pattis
Unloading timber donated by Sean O’Farrell of Cloncannon Biofarm

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan will launch the campaign on the theme of “Creating Rural Jobs and Investment”

Fitzgibbon says that “The Irish public has become cynical about politics. The trend towards electing independents is part of this. Through the taxpayers funded constituency office, independent TDs build a pool of support based on personal favours, but have nothing to contribute for a long term vision for our country. I am asking the voters to look at our ideas on how to produce jobs and investment for the county. My ideas on cutting Tipperary’s 300 million bill on imported energy will produce quality new jobs and local investment.”
Tipperary Greens are not funded from the public purse. Their crowdfunding campaign is available on www.gofundme.com/greeningtipp  or by calling 0838109522.

No Going back now - handing the nomination papers to Returning Officer Gerard Connolly
No Going back now – handing the nomination papers to Returning Officer Gerard Connolly
Mike Fitzgibbon (Clonmel) signing the nomination papers
Mike Fitzgibbon (Clonmel) signing the nomination papers

Taking the Plunge – Gearóid4Green

Having considered it for a while I’ve accepted the invitation from the Tipperary Greens to take part in the upcoming election. Con Trass, owner of TheApplefarm.com first announced this on Twitter on Friday 27th November following selection by the local party.

I want to say thank you to the local papers who carried the announcement this week.

Over the last few years, like everyone else, my own faith in politics has wavered between despair and cynicism. The upcoming general election is a national conversation. I think the Green Voice can be a useful part of that. I want to represent people on proven green policies that will boost the local economy.

For more about me click here.

People in Ireland used to look to Tipperary for leadership. Whatever the national movement, whether the Young Irelanders, the Fenians, the Land League, the GAA, Independence or the foundation of Muintir na Tíre, the people of Tipperary played their part. This proud tradition of political innovation and courage associated with the county  I would like to see revived.

Make Tipperary Ireland’s most energy independent county by 2030
Currently Tipperary gives away €100 million per year in imported energy and doesn’t have a strong local industrial base. Reducing Tipperary’s spend on imported energy by just 25% would create local jobs & investment worth over €25 million per year! We should also support community ownership of Solar, Wind & other renewables.
The green agenda can light a spark under the local economy. This requires investment in home insulation, energy efficiency and locally produced energy. To date Irish governments have demonstrated no ambition here. Denmark is already producing nearly 100% of its electricity needs from home – with a huge boost for local jobs.

I want to help put green policies back on the agenda in Tipperary. I want to inspire a new generation of green activists, men, women and others, with simple policies t0 make Tipperary a wealthier and happier place to live. Other policies I want to promote include:

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHOPS – stop penalising local businesses with high parking charges and rates.

-Own your politician-the Tipperary Green Party will create a local recall mechanism, unique in Ireland
-TDs are overpaid. If elected, I will give up 35% of the €87,358 salary to the local Citizens Information Service and 5% to the party

IRISH WATER – hold referendum to prevent water privatisation, Promote conservation-charge for waste only

YOUNG PEOPLE-Afterschool places/Youth services to be mainstreamed for all young people. Reduce voting age to 16

We will be organising a meeting in the next few weeks to put the campaign together. Anyone with any ideas, skills or even just time, please get in touch on 085-7409023 after 6pm or email fitzgibbong@gmail.com

You can also connect here: Twitter @tippgreens OR Gearóids facebook & Tipperary Greens facebook page

To find out more about Gearóid you can see his LinkedIn profile