Tipperary Greens are seeking support from friends and supporters/potential supporters to finance the 2016 election campaign. We have put together a very tight budget of €3600. You can support us through our crowdfunding appeal on or just click on the GOFUNDME button at the side of this page.

The funds raised will be used as follows:
150 – Phone/communications
200 – Room Rental (for meetings)
350 – Printing/Photocopying
150 – Online advertising
500 – Flyers/Leaflets (5K)
1000 – Letters to electors
1250 – Posters 150 @ 7 euro each

All contributions are accepted. Thanks for reading this anyway. If you can’t contribute, but woudl like to help out in other ways, please get in touch through the blog. email, facebook, or call me on 085-7409023.  To Donate click to support the campaign

GF facebook banner pic & text & message


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