“There will be nothing funny on this page”

So What happens when you decide to write and record an election song?
Having make the decision to stand for election the next obvious question was, “Would I have an election song?” A melody found a few words, and before I know it I was in the recording studio with a number of musician friends. The song touches one of my key campaign themes – political reform – and the need for us to stop picking out national lawmakers on the basis of personal favours. Do have a listen!

So What happens at home when you announce that you are standing for election?

Fitzgibbon announces new Election Policy
January 1st 2016
This week Tipperary Green Party election candidate Gearóid Fitzgibbon has announced a new election policy. The policy relates to the usage of toothpaste. The policy will state that from here on toothpaste will need to be squeezed from the back of the tube.
“I have received a number of representations from constituents who have been very put out by this. This matter has been the cause of a number of audible sighs in bathrooms in the county.”
Fitzgibbon is hoping to affect a cultural shift on how toothpaste tubes are squeezed:
“The squeezing of tubes from the front is an absolute scourge. This policy will hopefully go towards changing habits, and, I hope, improving lives.”

Fitzgibbon Welcomes the Arrival of Santa
December 25th 2015.
Tipperary Green Party election candidate Gearóid Fitzgibbon welcomed the arrival of Santa to Nenagh.
“I really want to welcome the arrival of Santa, not just to Nenagh, but to all of Ireland. I want to especially welcome the redness of Santa’s bag, and I think his sleigh is excellent also.” (cough)
Fitzgibbon paid particular tribute to the efforts of the reindeer, without whom, he said, there would be a lot of disappointed children.

A Hologram of Phil Lynott to Turn on Nenagh Xmas Lights
New Green Party candidate Gearóid Fitzgibbon has managed to swing it so legendary Irish rocker Phil Lynott will appear and turn on the Christmas lights in Nenagh. Note: this will be a hologram only, and will only happen in people’s imaginations.

According to Fitzgibbon, “because the “rock” demographic is solid in Nenagh and District, the campaign team felt that the hologram gimmick would be a good draw. It would also create positive mental associations further down the line – on election day.”